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4 Ways to Protect the Most Breakable Smartphone: The iPhone X

The iPhone X is one of the most exciting smartphone releases in history. Featuring a stunning new design, Apple fans and smartphone users loved every change–except the discovery that this new phone came with one disastrous flaw.

The iPhone X is the most breakable smartphone ever created. Designed with a glass front and back, one drop can shatter the entire phone. As iMore reports, a single tumble will leave you unable to even use this new smartphone; it scored a 90 out of 100 in breakability. Competitors like Samsung and previous iPhone models scored between 60 to 75 in comparison.

How are you supposed to keep your iPhone X safe? How can you make sure you don’t drop it and end up with a shattered screen? If you own an iPhone X or plan to, you need to protect this delicate, easy-to-damage device before the first accident happens. Otherwise, it’ll be too late to save your expensive phone.

1. Buy a Durable Case

When accidents happen, you need a phone case. The right case can be the difference between a minor inconvenience and a shattered screen. Although iPhone users love to show off their device with no case, this is one model of the smartphone that can’t go without a durable, high-quality case.

If you’re prone to dropping your phone, get a durable and rugged case. Some, like LifeProof and OtterBox, promise to protect your phone from drops and even potential water damage. CNET recommends picking a case with raised edges around the screen; this will prevent the screen from cracking if you drop your phone on its face.

2. Cover The Screen

Another way to keep your iPhone X safe from damage is to apply a screen protector, or a whole-phone skin. These protective shields stick right to the glass of your phone, acting as the first line of defense for scratches and cracked glass.

Screen protectors and phone shields come in two forms: tempered glass or flexible plastic. If you drop your phone, the screen protector or skin will absorb the damage, leaving your smartphone unharmed.

What happens if the protective layer is damageD? Instead of shelling out $1,000 for a new iPhone X, you can simply replace your screen protector or shield.

3. Add a Grip

Covering your phone with a case or protective shield is a great way to keep your iPhone X in one piece in the event of a drop. But you can also take precautions to prevent drops from happening in the first place–you just need a better grip.

The slim, sleek design of the iPhone X makes it easy to drop when answering your phone, taking photos, or sending a text. In order to get a better hold, you can add a grip to the back of your phone. You can get a ring, a pull-out stand, or even a circle to grip that sticks onto your phone or its case. Holding your breakable iPhone by the grip makes you less likely to drop it; you’ll only lose your hold if the grip pops off.

4. Buy Insurance

You can take every possible precaution and still end up with a shattered iPhone. Luckily, insurance is available for the unexpected.

When you buy your iPhone from Apple, you can pay extra for AppleCare. For $199, AppleCare will cover the cost of your repairs for two years. Instead of paying the $550 Apple charges to replace a cracked iPhone X screen, you’ll pay a maintenance fee of just $30. Although this insurance is costly, those who have a habit of dropping their phone will benefit from having repairs covered.

Protect Your iPhone X Before It’s Too Late

Don’t wait until the worst happens. You can’t save your iPhone X once it’s already laying face down on the sidewalk–you need to protect its beautiful glass exterior before you accidentally drop it.

If you don’t take the right precautions, if you don’t protect your phone, it’s only a matter of time before cracks and shattered glass appear. Fixing this error will cost you the sky-high price of a new phone, $1,000 or more, or expensive repairs that total upwards of $500. Why pay to reverse the damage when you could prevent it entirely for just a few dollars now?