5 Valentine's Day Bouquets That Are Better Than Flowers

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, many of us are scrambling to find the right presents to showcase our love, appreciation and affection for our friends, partners, or sweethearts. Often, we give in and go with the tried-and-true choice: a bouquet of flowers.

A bouquet is a beautiful way to make someone feel special – but flowers aren’t for everyone. They can’t be cherished for years to come, and they have an incredibly short lifespan for their high price. Worse, if you’ve been giving your loved ones flowers year after year, your Valentine’s Day gift is just plain boring.

5 Valentine's Day Bouquets That Are Better Than FlowersThis year, you can make yourself and your gift stand out by giving your loved one a different type of bouquet. Put a spin on the traditional and give a bouquet that’s filled with something special that’s designed to last. Here are a few nontraditional choices that’ll make your Valentine happy.

1. Candy Bouquet

Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth? A candy bouquet is as easy as giving flowers – and it’s less expensive. Starting at around $20, you can design a one-of-a-kind candy bouquet out of your loved ones’ favorite treats. From chocolate roses to your beloved’s favorite childhood sweets, online retailers offer a huge selection of options.

Want an even more personal touch? You can build a candy bouquet of your own with a simple DIY. Just tape candy bars to wooden skewers and assemble them in a vase you already own.

2. Animal Bouquet

Why give a basic bouquet of flowers when you can give something more unique and personal? This Valentine’s Day, send your animal-loving partner a bouquet made entirely out of flowers that resembles their favorite animal. These special floral arrangements are handmade like a traditional Valentine’s bouquet, but each one features a different kind of animal made of freshly cut flowers.

Check out the 1-800 Flowers selection online, and you’ll find a number of adorable animal bouquets. You can choose from a variety of sizes, including small "A-Dog-Able" options that look like puppies and an enchanting unicorn. And you may even be able to find one that looks like your partner's pet or most loved animal. Prices start at $601.

3. Donut Bouquet

Give your Valentine what they really want: donuts! Swap out a dozen roses for a baker’s dozen of donuts for an entirely innovative and fun bouquet. First created by Dessert Boxes in Australia, the donut bouquet has started appearing everywhere from holidays to weddings. If your loved one adores donuts, it’s the perfect gift (and it’ll certainly make him or her smile!).

If your local donut shop won’t create this delicious bouquet for you, it’s easy to design on your own. Buy a mix of different-sized donuts, stick them atop wooden skewers, and arrange them in a traditional flower vase – or, tie a bow around this tasty arrangement to keep it simple. You can also find options available from online retailers like Harry and David for around $502.

4. Salami Bouquet

Flowers might be pleasing to the eye, but a bouquet filled with meat is sure to satisfy the hungriest Valentines. The Salami Bouquet swaps out blooms for pounds of meat wrapped in decorative brown paper. Featuring 5 different types and flavors of salami, you can gift your favorite carnivore with their favorite snack.

Designed and packaged by Mancrate, the Salami Bouquet starts at $50 and can be customized to include your partner’s favorite meats3.

5. Breadstick Bouquet

Is your partner a carb lover who can’t resist a delicious piece of bread? Don’t give them a dull selection of flowers; give them what they really want. A bouquet of nothing but breadsticks.

Olive Garden offers a breadstick bouquet kit that you can pick up at your local restaurant and put together at home4. Need another option? You can build a breadstick bouquet of your own – all you need is a selection of breadsticks from your local grocery store and decorative paper to wrap them in.

Make Valentine’s Day Even More Memorable

Flowers may be a tradition – and the most popular Valentine’s Day gift of all – but they certainly don’t stand out. Celebrate your friendship, your love, and your relationship with something truly special and entirely unique by picking a different kind of bouquet this year.

Break away from the traditional and opt for something that really reflects your other half. Whether breadsticks or donuts, stuffed toys or candy bars, there are so many different options! And you may never buy a Valentine’s bouquet of flowers again.