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The Best Checking Account Promotions to Take Advantage of Right Now

Who doesn’t have big financial goals? We’d all like to save more money, generate more income, and have more financial freedom – and did you know that having the right checking account could help you achieves these goals? Actually, right now is the best time to open up a new checking account as banks want your business.

There are plenty of account promotions to take advantage of right now with special promotions, bonuses, and even offers of free cash. Luckily for you, we’ve helped to narrow down your search. Here are some of the best checking account promotions with the best features, low fees, and amazing rewards.

The Best Checking Account Promotions to Take Advantage of in 2018

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$200 Sign Up Bonus When Opening a Chase Total Checking

If you didn’t get a chance to take advantage of Chase Total Checking $200 sign up bonus last year, well now is your chance. Chase will once again continue its popular Total Checking promotion with an additional bonus when opening a Chase Savings account. So customers who are new to Chase will receive $200 when opening a checking account. There are just a few requirements:

  1. Open a checking account by October 14, 2020, and;
  2. Set up a recurring direct deposit for the checking account.

Chase is one of the leading banks in the United States. As such, you’ll be offered amazing advantages such as free access to features like person-to-person payments, credit score monitoring, and digital access to JP Morgan’s You Invest program using Chase’s app.

One thing to note when opening a Chase Total Checking account is that it will cost $12 a month. However, this fee can be waived if you meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Receive at least $500 in direct deposits a month;
  2. Have a minimum daily balance of $1,500, and;
  3. Paying $25 worth of services or fees to Chase.1

Get $500 for Opening a CitiBank Account Package

Right now is the perfect time to take advantage of a $400 cash bonus at Citibank when you open a CitiBank Account Package. You’ll get $400 for opening any new eligible checking account and savings account.

In order to claim this offer, new customers must open two new accounts online and complete the following qualifying activities after opening the accounts:

  1. Deposit a minimum of $15,000 into the new checking and savings accounts (this amount can be divided between the two) within 30 days.
  2. Maintain a minimum balance of $15,000 between your two new accounts for 60 consecutive days.

It’s important to know that, in order to get the total $400 bonus, you’ll also need to set up a direct deposit. Once you’ve met all of the requirements, you’ll see your cash bonus deposited into your bank account within 90 days.

Keep in mind that there is a $25 per month fee for opening a CitiBank Account Package, but you can get rid of that fee if you maintain a minimum balance of $10,000 between your checking and savings accounts.2

$200 Bonus With the CitiBank Basic Banking Package

New CitiBank account holders can receive a $200 bonus when they open a new eligible checking account in the Citibank Basic Banking Package. Here’s how the promotion works, according to CitiBank’s Website:

  1. Open a new eligible checking account in the Basic Banking Package before January 5, 2021;
  2. Within 30 days of opening your account deposit $5,000 New-to-Citibank funds into the new checking account, and;
  3. Maintain a minimum balance of $5,000 for 60 consecutive days.

When you complete the qualifying activities, account holders will receive the bonus within 90 days. It’s important to know that this offer is only available to new account holders.

The account has a $12 monthly fee. However, this fee is waived when you maintain a minimum monthly balance average of $1,500.3

Take Advantage of HSBC Premier Checking Promotion of $450 Cash Back

Here is some great news — HSBC’s checking account promotion has been extended. Now, new account holders have the opportunity to take advantage of the $450 cash bonus when opening a Premier Checking account. Here’s how to qualify for the amazing offer:

  1. Open your new HSBC Premier checking account online by September 30, 2020, and;
  2. Set up recurring direct deposits totaling at least $5,000, which last for at least three months after opening the account.

New account holders will receive this welcome bonus within eight weeks after completing the above qualifying activities.

To avoid the $50 monthly account fee, account holders must maintain a:

  1. Balance of $75,000 in combined U.S. consumer and qualifying commercial U.S. Dollar deposit and investment accounts;
  2. Monthly recurring direct deposit totaling at least $5,000 into the account, and;
  3. U.S. residential mortgage loan of at least $500,000.4

$100 Welcome Bonus When You Open a Bank of America Advantage SafeBalance Banking account

Right now, anyone who doesn’t have a Bank of America account can take advantage of a $100 welcome bonus when opening an Advantage Banking account with Bank of America. To qualify, customers must open Bank of America Advantage SafeBalance Banking account by using the online forum by December 31 and set up direct deposit or set up and receive at least two qualifying direct deposits of $250 or more within first 90 days of opening the account.

It’s important to know that there is a $25 minimum deposit to open the basic Advantage SafeBalance Banking account and a $100 minimum deposit to open any of more advanced Advantage Banking accounts.5

Act Now: These Checking Account Promotions Won’t Last Long

These are just a fraction of the checking account promotions that are currently available. There are plenty of more offers to choose from — you just have to spend time searching.

Thinking of opening up a checking account today? Get started today. If one of your 2020 goals is to become more financially fit, opening a new checking account can help you get to where you want to be, plus you’ll receive rewards that can save you hundreds of dollars. It’s important to act fast because most of these offers won’t last long.